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My top 10 Strange Movie List
created by Zombie Princess
My top 10 Strange Movie List
10 Movies currently in list


Nekromantik (1987)
Rating Reviews: 0 | Written Reviews: 0
A street sweeper who cleans up after grisly accidents brings home a full corpse for him and his wife to enjoy sexually, but is dismayed to see that his wife prefers the corpse over him.
Extreme | Gore | Nudity & Sex | Psychological |
Romance | Weird & Bizarre
75 mins.
Latest Review: 2012-07-10
Comments about Nekromantik:
I don’t even know what to say about this one. It is by far the nastiest thing I have ever seen. I think I can compare this one to a brutal car crash, you don’t want to look but you just have to. This movie was so nasty yet romantic and while I have seen other movies regarding necrophilia (like kissed on this list) this was the strangest and most shocking.


Header (2006)
Rating Reviews: 0 | Written Reviews: 0
HEADER portrays the grueling psychological journey taken by ATF Agent Stewart Cummings. On the surface, Stewart struggles to solve a string of bizarre murders, but in secret, his life falls into a world of corruption that's impossible to escape. Dece... full movie details
Based on Book or Game | Extreme | Gore | Hillbilly |
Slasher | Thriller | Torture | Weird & Bizarre
89 mins.
Latest Review: 2012-07-20
Comments about Header:
I love Edward Lee as a writer and this movie is why I love him so much. This is one of those low budget, horribly acted and strange films BUT it was good!


The Human Centipede (2010)
Rating Reviews: 2 | Written Reviews: 1
Two pretty but ditsy American girls are on a road trip through Europe. In Germany, they end up alone at night with a broken car in the woods. They search for help and find an isolated villa. The next day, they awaken to find themselves trapped in a t... full movie details
Extreme | Forcible Confinement | Medical Procedures | Suspense |
Thriller | Torture | Weird & Bizarre
90 mins.
Latest Review: 2013-04-13
Comments about The Human Centipede:
This is one of my favorite films and when I make a top ten all time favorite… this will be on it. This movie is sick, twisted and so wrong on so many levels but as repulsive as it is I also found it intriguing. There is nothing else out there like this movie, kudos to Tom Six, to make a horror film now a days that is different is hard.


Mum & Dad (2008)
Rating Reviews: 2 | Written Reviews: 0
Mum and Dad, and their 'adopted' children, Birdie & Elbie, work at the airport. The family live off whatever they scavenge from cargo holds, offices and hotels - including a steady stream of transient workers who populate the airport's soulless hub. ... full movie details
Bad Ass Chicks | Family | Forcible Confinement | Gore |
Psychological | Torture | Weird & Bizarre
84 mins.
Latest Review: 2011-09-08
Comments about Mum & Dad:
For a horrible subject this was a great movie. This movie wasn’t a comedy but it had this dark unsettling humor that you just can’t help but laugh at. The family is so dysfunctional and the storyline so grim and disturbing it made for quite the strange flick.


Martyrs (2008)
Rating Reviews: 1 | Written Reviews: 1
A young woman's quest for revenge against the people who kidnapped and tormented her as a child leads her and a friend, who is also a victim of child abuse, on a terrifying journey into a living hell of depravity.
Bad Ass Chicks | Cult Classics | Extreme | Family |
Forcible Confinement | Gore | Home Invasion | Psychological |
Suspense | Torture | Weird & Bizarre
93 mins.
Latest Review: 2011-09-13
Comments about Martyrs:
I’m not sure what to say about this movie. The first half of this movie was nothing too shocking as you settle in to watch what you believe will be a gory horror movie like any other slasher type film. As soon as you get comfortable with what you are watching the whole movie changes into something that makes you shocked, disgusted, and extremely uncomfortable.


Calvaire (The Ordeal) (2004)
Rating Reviews: 2 | Written Reviews: 1
A few days before Christmas, traveling entertainer Marc Stevens is stuck at nightfall in a remote wood in the swampy Hautes Fagnes region of Liège, his van conked out. An odd chap who's looking for a lost dog leads Marc to a shuttered inn...
Forcible Confinement | Hillbilly | Psychological | Thriller |
Weird & Bizarre
88 mins.
Latest Review: 2011-07-26
Comments about Calvaire (The Ordeal):
This movie is not enjoyable at all but to put it simply, it just seems to draw you in. Its dark, demented, emotional and very different. Of course I have to add that this movie has the best dance scene I have ever seen in any movie (google Calvaire bar scene if you want to check it out… its pretty strange and funny)


Gurotesuku (Grotesque) (2009)
Rating Reviews: 2 | Written Reviews: 0
This controversial and brutal slasher is about a man and a woman, kidnapped by a sadistic killer and held captive in their worst nightmare. Bound and gagged in a dingy basement, the two face their torturer, whose surgical garb foreshadows the horror ... full movie details
Extreme | Forcible Confinement | Gore | Medical Procedures |
Nudity & Sex | Serial Killer | Slasher | Thriller |
Torture | Weird & Bizarre
73 mins.
Latest Review: 2011-03-20
Comments about Gurotesuku (Grotesque):
I don’t know if I even enjoyed this movie but it was certainly strange. This movie really has a storyline but its somewhat hidden and pretty much only focuses on the extreme torture of a random couple.


Kissed (1996)
Rating Reviews: 0 | Written Reviews: 0
Over the years, a child's romantic ideals about death blossom into necrophilia, the study of embalming and the most profound relationship of her life.
Drama | Romance | Weird & Bizarre78 mins.
Latest Review: 2012-07-10
Comments about Kissed:
I went into this movie at the theater without even knowing what it was about, I thought I was going into a romantic comedy… If any movie can make necrophilia beautiful, it’s this movie. Dramatic, dark, and full of love this movie makes the strangeness of the topic almost artistic.


Boxing Helena (1993)
Rating Reviews: 0 | Written Reviews: 0
A top surgeon is besotted with a beautiful woman who once ditched him. Unable to come to terms with life without her, he tries to convince her that they need each other. She has other ideas, but an horrific accident leaves her at his mercy. The plot ... full movie details
Forcible Confinement | Psychological | Romance | Thriller |
Weird & Bizarre
107 mins.
Latest Review: 2012-07-10
Comments about Boxing Helena:
I was lucky enough to catch this on TV or I would never have heard about this one. This is another beautiful film with a strange and horrible storyline. This movie is dark, erotic and beautiful regarding a doctor who is so obsessed with a beautiful woman he takes it to the extreme.


Splice (2009)
Rating Reviews: 0 | Written Reviews: 0
Elsa and Clive, two young rebellious scientists, defy legal and ethical boundaries and forge ahead with a dangerous experiment: splicing together human and animal DNA to create a new organism. Named "Dren", the creature rapidly develops from a deform... full movie details
Killer Creatures | Medical Procedures | Nudity & Sex | Romance |
Sci-fi | Suspense | Thriller | Weird & Bizarre
104 mins.
Latest Review: 2012-07-10
Comments about Splice:
I loved this movie! I really felt a connection to the characters and as the last quarter of the movie came around it because extremely weird and bizarre.
Comments / Discussions
2011-04-06 4:33:42 AM

ZombieSteak Member
Total Posts: 2
Sorry for introducing you to Nekromantik Jenn :P

Cool list though!
2011-05-01 11:12:44 AM

Big Steak
Total Posts: 17
Yeah, Nekromantik was quite....strange. :)

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